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Published: 07/09/2021

Our cotton bags are used for many purposes. A good example is our cooperation with Mrugała company.  Mrugała is a Polish manufacturer of shoes, mainly for children. We are glad that the company asked us for help in implementing the project of their dream ecological bag. Just like us, they focus on the quality of their products. The first steps of our children are one of the most important moments in a child's life, and Mrugała’s shoes are there to help them with taking further steps. The company obviously has its own online store, but you can visit them stationary in Nowy Targ, Poland. 

The model of the bag they decided on is TM11 with the width of 60 cm, the height is 40 cm. It is a very comfortable, spacious bag with long handles, which allow you to carry it on your shoulder. It was made in beige colour of cotton drill 280g/m2. In the centre of the bag there is a graphic showing a deer and a fox resting among greenery. There is an eye watching over everything, which looks a bit like the sun.

cotton bag

Mrugała was looking for an alternative to paper bags that customers received after shopping. In their store you can buy a cotton bag, and with larger purchases you can receive it as a gift. Their employees use their cotton bags on a daily basis. It is ideal for shopping because it is very capacious and can be slung over the shoulder. But that is not all! It has proven to be a great option when going to the beach. The ecological bag will hold towels for the whole family, it dries quickly, and also looks nice. 

What distinguishes our product is, above all, its multiple use. You can use the bag in many situations. After folding, it does not take too much space in the closet, and after washing it looks like new.

Instead of using plastic bags in stores, create your own unique ecological bag, with which you can go shopping or go on holiday. Let's take care of the environment together! You can make 100% eco-friendly bags with us. We have a wide range of colours and materials. Do not hesitate! Feel free to contact us - our representatives will be happy to help you, answer any questions and resolve any doubts.

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