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Air Forces Museum in Dęblin

Published: 09/02/2021

Here is another story from the “life” of our bag

In 2021 of the Air Force Museum in Dęblin to accentuate celebrations of their tenth anniversary! We created a cotton bag according to their design in white and navy blue. The design uses the museum's logo inscribed in the form of a round shield, as a reference to a military emblem or a military patch.

The sign on the bag consists of the inscription “MUSEUM OF AIR FORCES IN DĘBLIN” inscribed in a circle. The logo features a white and red chequerboard as a symbol of the Polish Air Force. Also, a simplified image of the Monument to the Heroes of the Dęblin Aviators School of Eaglets in Dęblin, with the silhouette of the plane cut out. There are also years of operation of the institution — “2011-2021” and the number representing the jubilee “10 years”.

The bag was used as one of the Museum's promotional materials from the VISIT US BEFORE FLIGHT series. The slogan refers to the inscription on the red tapes in the security points, placed on the device covers during the parking of the aircraft - Remove Before Flight. This inscription also appears on key rings.


The slogan: VISIT US BEFORE FLIGHT is placed on the website, in museum publications and promotional materials. Bag made by Mart's bags included! We are proud that our advertising gadget has been used by the Museum to promote an intermediary place in regional and universal education, to build identity, sensitivity to cultural heritage and traditions. The inscription on the bag is intended to encourage people to visit the museum.


“The museum is a good place to visit before flying - embarking on an adult life. Choosing school, work, lifestyle, idea for your own business brings more questions than answers. The museum can help the recipient understand historical events, manifestations of culture, social changes, and the development of technologies that we are witnessing. Being with museum pieces helps to understand the world and define oneself, sensitivity strengthens the will to live and create, the experience gained deepen the knowledge about other people.”

We strongly encourage you to visit the museum. We also invite you to the website: https://muzeumsp.pl/