Apron - make the most of its potential

Published: 24/08/2023

Waiters, chefs, bakery workers or workers on a food truck - what do all these groups of people have in common?

They all need a suitable "garment". That garment is an apron. It is an integral part of the dress code in the catering industry and allows the customer to remember the name of the establishment and the logo. Why is the apron so important in the daily work of people in the catering industry? The apron improves hygiene in any professional kitchen by reducing cross-contamination between raw and cooked food. The aesthetic aspect is also important, as the impeccable cleanliness of waiters and chefs is the calling card of any restaurant.

An interesting logo print, a colour that matches the company's image and good quality are all details that need to be taken into account to make this functional product look professional and become an ideal advertising medium.



When you are looking for a product that meets all your requirements and you cannot find the perfect one in the jungle of ready-made articles, it is worth deciding to create something from scratch.  At Mart's Bags we offer the possibility of creating a completely personalised product. The first dilemma the consumer faces is choosing the right size. To make this task easier, we decided to develop two universal sizes: S (36 × 55 cm) and M (52 × 74 cm). However, there are almost no restrictions in terms of size and shape. The neck strap is adjustable and the waist belt is long enough to fit any figure. The cotton used to make the apron is either 180g denim, 150g pigskin or 260g panama. The range of colours available is truly impressive - you can check it out for yourself! The individual colour palette for each of our fabrics creates the ideal base for printing. Modern methods such as DTG, thermal transfer and screen printing are used to produce high quality graphics with your logo. If you prefer a classic and premium solution, try embroidering. The original imprint of the company logo gives the project a unique character. What solutions do we suggest for maximum functionality? Pockets, of course!

Aprons are most often associated with the catering industry, but they have a lot more potential than that.  Nurseries, schools, art classes, cooking classes or outdoor activities where it is easy to get dirty. In addition to our universal adult size aprons, we also offer the option of customising the size, material, colour and print. Children will love wearing an original apron with an interesting graphic design, while at the same time protecting their clothes. Beauty and hairdressing salons - wrap your staff in a unique personalised apron and make the most of its potential.




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