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Published: 24/06/2022

Cotton bags and drawstring backpacks are two of the most desirable products in our offer. Our efforts aimed at promoting the brand with a fully personalized cotton product, indeed brought us positive results. Personalization of the product guarantees that the product will be 100% suitable for your company.

Our partnership with Big Letter began in 2017. Since then we have had the pleasure of stable cooperation, regularly realizing their projects. In a way, it has become a tradition for Big Letter to gift our Mart's Bags products to their customers and suppliers every year at Christmas. This kind gesture was intended for even more fruitful cooperation. Our customers – just like us - are aiming towards highest quality products that will accompany their customers and suppliers on a daily basis, during their daily activities. Cotton bags and backpacks are both perfect for shopping, gym workout, or cycling - and this is the purpose for which Big Letter has designed its cotton products. We know from reliable sources that Big Letter employees also use their bags and backpacks during these activities.

Replacing plastic and paper bags with cotton backpacks and bags from our offer has undoubtedly a positive impact on the environment. In addition, such product has the advantage of possibility that it can be signed with company's logo - while its excellent quality allows it to be used for many years - it will be a great business card of the company over these years. 

You can also use the personalized cotton products available in our offer - as a thank you gift to your customers or suppliers - just like the company Big Letter.




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