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Christmas are near

Published: 11/12/2020

The time that brings a lot of joy, kindness and peace is right behind the corner. Yesterday we prepared tens of thousands of Christmas bags. Today and tomorrow more batches are waiting for us. The holiday atmosphere is good for everyone in our office. Like elves, we dynamically pack custom-made bags and cosmetic bags. We close the orders at the same time creating new bag designs.

torba świąteczna na prezenty


Gifts, gifts! Do you have gifts prepared for your loved ones? As every year, we focus on ecological solutions, which is why we offer cotton bags and pouches, and they are perfect not only as a gift, but also as its packaging

More and more people, both in business and in private, are replacing even paper bags with cotton ones. Do you know why? A cotton bag can be used by the recipient for much longer, and in addition, a fabric bag can be used when shopping, when moving, or just everyday as an ecological accessory for styling.

Do you have any other ideas for using fabric bags?

Meanwhile, we go back to work. Cotton bags will not pack themselves.