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Christmas checklist

Published: 19/11/2021

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, we've put together a checklist to help you spend the holidays in eco style!

At almost every turn, we can reduce the amount of trash we produce. From hand-made decorations - we all have some artistic talent - to planning home-cooked meals and sharing the excess with others (neighbours or family).


Check the checklist with us!

    • Find interesting and original ideas for eco-gifts that will delight your loved ones.
    • Collect materials for packaging (waste paper, jars, bags, newspapers).
    • Buy reusable cotton bags (if you don't have any already).
    • Create eco decorations and Christmas ornaments (e.g. from pine cones and paper).
    • Seeing a Christmas tree in the forest and not cutting it down. Or using the Christmas tree from a year ago!
    • Decorating a tree in the backyard or a plant in a pot.
    • Buying in bigger packages.
    • Planning home-cooked meals.
    • Cooking this way, so excess food doesn't end up in the trash.
    • Buying fish from an environmentally friendly farm.
    • Choosing public transport, trains or other means of transport to reduce toxic emissions.


Remember that the amount of gifts or food doesn't always have to be impressive. A good gift will not leave behind tons of rubbish. Cutting down your Christmas tree every year is not a must! It is much better to enjoy live plants. It's better to go shopping with cotton or paper bags - and we can wrap our presents in the same way. Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and loving one another. You can show your heart to others not only with expensive gifts, but above all with a kind word and concrete help.

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