Christmas Gadgets - Part I

Published: 08/11/2023

Let's open our hearts

December is coming and soon Christmas songs will start playing. This is a time when we are supposed to slow down a little bit, to pause. However, it is an extremely intense and stressful time for many people. A time when the business year is coming to an end, a time when they have to focus all their activities on the final issues, a time to take stock. Could there be anything more stress-inducing, in terms of your job, as running after deadlines, making plans that need to be presented for next year, while taking into account past assumptions? At the same time, we plan company Christmas parties to celebrate the year in a festive atmosphere and to provide an opportunity to meet with all employees and executives.
In an unconventional and unique way, we want to show our contractors that we remember them and value our business partnership
Choosing the right gifts can be time consuming, and we want our employees to feel appreciated for their contribution to the company and to feel part of the team and the company.



Christmas statistics - Gadgets and electronic - top of the top

Gadgets and electronics are the most popular gifts, according to a survey we conducted on our social media. Quality and customisation are sure to provide great value, enjoyment and fond memories for those who invest.
There can be no denying the pleasure of receiving a gift of good quality and usefulness. 
We have similar assumptions when we prepare gifts for our customers - we want to be remembered by them, we want them to have a sense of distinction, we want to show that our co-operation is important to us.


Christmas gadget vision - brand awareness

The gift is not supposed to advertise our products - although, maybe.... But its main task is to build brand awareness. This important process helps companies increase recognition and loyalty among customers. That's why we value personalization so much!

By using the logo and other graphic elements of the brand, we perpetuate a positive image of the company. Activating customers and users on our social media through surveys, actively responding to their questions helps build a long-term relationship and explore their needs.

Giving personalized headphones - which will undoubtedly make many a moment more pleasant, while working in the office or on the way to a meeting, let's pay attention to the quality of the product - after all, we want the gifted person to use the gift, to remember with a smile on their face the company that gifted us. Promotional products serve as a reminder and strengthen identification with the brand.


What really matters?


Let's face it, the first thing we see is the packaging. How do we enhance the positive perception and strengthen the brand image? Let's take the opportunity to promote our brand and give it the right perception - every detail matters. Want to give a personal gift? 
We are the answer for your company's needs! Personalised, environmentally friendly materials are something we know about. For 16 years our team has been developing their skills and knowledge in the field of organic and personalised cotton products - the perfect promotional medium - showcasing our values, nurturing our brand, ensuring every element is 100% perfect from the right stitch to the tag. 
The real magic of Christmas is the time we give to others. The knowledge that we care about their needs, a warm look and a genuine smile. 
Let us help you bring smiles to your business partners, employees and customers. Feel the joy of giving, let your brand shine. We guarantee that our personalised cotton products will be remembered for a long time.



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