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Cotton bag for Medical Pilates

Published: 02/02/2021

Cotton bags sewn in Mart's Bags are ordered by companies for various purposes. There are many applications for a cloth bag in business. The marketing and sales departments are mainly interested in material products.

One of our clients is Medical Pilates studio.

The studio was created thanks to a combination of passion for working with human body and good energy. This is the only studio in Warsaw, where each instructor has a master's degree in physiotherapy or physical education. It offers professional care and exercises, thanks to which you will take care of your spine.

What are our bags doing there?

Cotton bags were used as a gift for regular customers. Gift giving is a common practice both on private and professional grounds. Gifts improve mood and strengthen relationships with customers. Cloth bags were liked by all the recipients

Medical Pilates ordered bags from the TM01 model in dark grey colour. The material used to sew the bag is 150g cotton. There is an imprint on the bag with an unusual inscription, which is a quote from the class. Medical Pilates customers use bags to carry their Pilates sportswear as well as in everyday life.




A bag as a gift for your regular customers

Use a cotton bag as a gift gadget for customers who established business contacts with you. Such a “thank you” strengthens the bond with the client because it is more than just a word and stays for longer. In addition, the bag is a very practical product for which we can find many uses in everyday life.