width: 36 cm

height: 41 cm

bottom: 10 cm

handles width: 2.5 cm


Bet on the classics! The TM01 bag is perfect for most of the daily challenges that need to be overcome. Small (or larger) purchases on the way home - here's the perfect solution! This bag has a widened bottom, which makes it take a shape similar to a trapezoid, and thus our cotton bag maintains an attractive appearance.

When buying, you can choose whether the handles of the bag are to be short (2.5 × 33 cm) or long (2.5 × 63 cm). The handles are additionally reinforced with a cross stitch.

When you order from us, you get a guarantee that you are buying a Polish product and that you are a support for European enterprises. Each bag is produced entirely in Poland from 100% organic cotton or recycled cotton, which is why purchasing in our company is an expression of caring for the environment. Our company has RCS, GOTS, Fairtrade and OEKO-TEX production quality certificates. Wash at no more than 30 ° C.

Promote your business by creating a unique, eco-friendly gadget with MART'S BAGS!

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