Cotton Bag TM14

width: 40 cm

height: 38 cm

bottom and sides: 10 cm

handles width: 2.5 cm

An exceptionally attractive model of a cotton bag with a bottom and sides sewn separately. We can freely combine the colors from the palette of available material colors. In this model, each element can be in a different color: front, back, bottom and sides (one element), also the handles. Its handles are 2.5 cm wide.

 Its stiffening structure makes it suitable as a bag for board games or other box-packed products, such as perfume or shoes. The list of its applications is endless - that is why it is such a great idea for an advertising gadget. You can take it with you wherever you go and it will always be useful.

Choose the graphics you want on your business bag, it will surely be very eye-catching. Strengthen the perception of your logo by choosing freely matching colors of the materials.

A canvas bag made of ecological cotton can replace dozens of plastic bags thanks to you. By choosing products that promote your company at MART'S BAGS, you support European companies and environmental protection. Our bags are made of organic cotton or recycled cotton. We care about the highest quality of products and the exact fulfillment of our clients' vision. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us - we are at your disposal.

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