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Cotton weaves

Published: 16/02/2022

At Mart's Bags, there is a wide variety of fabrics available. Each of the fabrics is an organic variety of cotton. Materials can be distinguished by, among other things, weave and weight. Weave in weaving is a way of interlacing arrangements of threads while creating a fabric. It is unnoticeable at first sight, but very important because it influences the qualities of the fabric.

In our offer, you will find many types of fabrics, such as: cotton, canvas, panama, recycled and organic cotton, in various weights. Each of these fabrics is distinguished by its characteristic weave. It should also be added that each type of cotton available at Mart's Bags is organic and certified by certificates such as Oeko-tex, Fairtrade, and GOTS

Cotton is a material made entirely of natural cotton fibers. The weave of these fibers is rough so it is not usually used in the production of clothing, but pig iron is valued as a durable material for bags and workpacks. In the case of clothing the exception is workers' clothing, due to the thickness of the material as well as the fact that the material is natural, breathable and durable. The fiber weave in the case of pig iron creates a distinct decorative effect, formed by perpendicularly braided threads. If we were to compare cotton canvas to something it would be a painter's canvas, which in texture most resembles it and also has closely matched fibers. At Mart's Bags we offer 150 weight cotton canvas in many different colors and natural.

Canvas is widely used in many industries as it is a thick and eco-friendly cotton fabric that is also very durable. Drelich is a strong and solid material, which is guaranteed by twill weave, in which there are no free spaces. On fabrics of twilled weave, you can see clearly diagonal stripes. Fabrics of such a weave are used for cotton bags, workpacks, aprons, or cosmetic bags. This material is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damages. Thanks to the fact that drelich retains low shrinkage, color durability is impressive. In spite of all that, the material retains its softness and delicacy. This material is natural so you should remember that it cannot be bleached or dry-cleaned. It should be washed in 40 degrees Celsius.

Panama is an ecological material that consists only of natural fibers. They create an irregular weave, characteristic for thick fabrics. Panama is characterized by its great thickness, thanks to which it is a material resistant to stretching, tearing, or mechanical damage. With a cotton bag made of this fabric is not afraid of shopping in adverse weather conditions, because it is resistant to them. At Mart's Bags cotton panama comes in a weight of 260 and has an impressive range of colors. You can also opt for a product made from natural, undyed material.

Recycled cotton is one of our flagship materials. It is characterized by its loose straight weave. It is made from 96% recycled cotton canvas and 4% recycled PET plastic, which makes the material durable.

Organic cotton is formed by a straight, compact weave. It owes its strength just to the weave and careful and eco-friendly production. This material is available in natural color and its weight is 150 gramme or 220 gramme.

Weaves can also be looked at from another angle and divided into unilateral and bilateral ones.


One-sided weaves include, among others:

  • single sided twill - (e.g. five or seven threads) it has a larger number of warp or weft threads, which affects the appearance of the right and left sides, which may differ from each other. It creates diagonal stripes on the fabric. This weave is used in the production of: pants, outerwear or workwear. One-sided twill is responsible for the good strength of the fabric.

  • satin weave - is characterized by the fact that the fabric is soft, elastic and flowing. It also gives the fabric a shine and its color is more saturated. On the right, the color is more intense; on the left, the color is dull. This type of weave is used for evening dresses, shirts and blouses, skirts, underwear or nightgowns.


Two-sided weaves:

  • Canvas weave - most often used for cotton and linen fabrics. It is responsible for high resistance to pulling and tearing of threads. Has a delicate, regular structure. It is most often used for bedding, clothing, decorative and stitch fabrics.

  • Panama weave - used mainly for thick fabrics. Weft and warp consists here of three interlaced threads, which gives the effect of a chessboard (in regular weave) or of a cube with larger and smaller (in the case of irregular). It is characterized by greater softness and breathability. It is ideal for the production of sports blouses, summer jackets, shirts and suits.

  • Ruff weave - is very similar to linen weave, but is distinguished by a ribbed structure (created by extending the interlacing along the weft or warp). Grosgrain weave is used for production of fabrics for outer garments, tablecloths, dresses, ribbons and ties.

  • Twill weave - is characterized by the fact that it is four-threaded. On fabrics, one can see clear diagonal stripes, which may be arranged in the shape of the letter "S" or "Z". It is used, among others, for clothing, decorative fabrics, but also for outer garments.


An interesting feature is that it is possible to combine different weaves. The combination of two different ones gives us striking patterns, patterned fabrics. Such combinations are used for the production of curtains, decorative pillowcases, furniture upholstery, but also for sewing coats, dresses or skirts.




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