Published: 05/09/2023

Meeting our customers' needs.  With us, you can create a fully personalised bag, a back pouch, a cosmetic bag, a pouch and even a cotton apron. Let us inspire you! Design your own organic cotton promotional product from scratch! Starting with ears

Ears are an essential part of any bag, but what if you put them on a backpack? You get a multi-functional product. This unusual solution will be eye-catching and make the logo on it more memorable. Another practical solution is a cotton bag with both short and long ears. The diagonal ear is also a great option. This design gives the product a minimalist feel. But there's more! The colour of the ears - whatever the colour of the bag, whether wide or narrow, the length can also be customised.

A must-have...? The pockets!

An undoubtedly useful item that can also have a decorative function. Just imagine: a colourful pocket sewn onto the outside of the bag. The number of pockets is unlimited, each can be coloured and zipped. The size can also be customised. An outside pocket for a water bottle or a tiny inside pocket with a zip for your keys can be a great solution.



Branding - the label!

We've got lots of different types of labels to choose from and lots of ideas for tags, sizes and places to put them. They may contain product information or just your logo. The size and location is arbitrary, so you can let your imagination run wild and choose from 10 types of tags, such as: printed tag on bag, wash paper tag, eco leather tag, cotton woven tag, recycled cotton tape woven pet tag or PVC tag.

And even more! - The extras!

Snap fasteners, zips - Both options are designed to increase the functionality of cotton products. However, they are also often used to make promotional products look more attractive. The colours of the zips do not depend on the colour of the bag or other cotton products and can give them a unique character. A gold or silver zip, on the other hand, looks great on more elegant designs. The lining is also worth mentioning. It increases the durability of the cotton bag. It can be made of a different material as well as coloured.

Customise the dimensions of the cotton products, choose your print and accessories and enjoy a fully personalised promotional product



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