Does cotton shrink in the wash?

Published: 22/09/2023

100% cotton products are usually associated with quality. Rightly! In contact with your skin, this natural material is safe. What's more, cotton products are ecological. Choosing them not only gives you good quality, but also helps to protect the natural environment. Ecology lovers will be particularly interested in organic cotton. Organic cotton is organically grown, with special attention paid to ecological production at every stage.



How is cotton washed? Does it shrink?

When washed correctly, cotton does not warp, stretch or lose its density. But how do you wash it and make sure it doesn't shrink? Always separate your washing by colour to avoid one item staining on top of another. Natural cotton has a tendency to wrinkle. A high spin speed of more than 1000 rpm will cause the fabric to crease considerably when it comes out of the washing machine. As a natural material, it is worth remembering the properties of cotton. Washing or drying in a tumble dryer can cause it to shrink. To minimise this effect, it is best to wash at the lowest possible temperature. After removing the garment from the washing machine, it is worth shaking it a few times to even it out before hanging it on the dryer. The first wash is very important. It is recommended to hand wash the garment in lukewarm water after soaking it for about 10 minutes.

Why does a 100% cotton product shrink?

The structure of the fibres is largely responsible for the shrinkage of cotton from its original size. There has been a lot of stretching of the threads during the manufacturing process. In contact with water and high temperatures, cotton fabrics swell. When they dry, they change length, which means... they shrink. In the case of synthetic fabrics, shrinkage generally does not occur.



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