Dyeing the fabric

Published: 05/09/2022

Cotton looks great in its natural state, emphasizing the ecological nature of the material. However, when it is dyed it looks equally good. In our company we make every effort to make the product fully satisfying for the customer, sometimes this requires special treatment of the material. In our offer we have an individual color palette for each of the seven materials:

  • cotton rawhide 150g
  • denim cotton 240g - 280g
  • cotton panama 260g
  • cotton denim 320g
  • recycled cotton 150g
  • organic cotton 150g
  • organic cotton 220g

Cotton products being a business card of a company should fully reflect its character. Therefore, despite a large selection of materials and their colors, we also provide our customers with the possibility of choosing any pantone color. Interestingly, the grammage of the material after dyeing from natural, precipitates by about 5-10g. This means that if we dye for example a 280g denim cotton, it will be about 270g after dyeing.

Dyeing the material is possible for larger orders and the time for this is about 2 weeks. Acceptance of the dyed material takes place on the basis of a small piece of material. This is because the dye is prepared manually in the laboratory before production, so you can be sure that the actual color will be perfect. It is not possible to make a prototype of the product, before mass production, in a special pantone color.




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