Ecology through the eyes of the children

Published: 11/06/2021

Mart's Bags’ cooperation with the School and Kindergarten Complex in Stryków.

Recently, we have cooperated with teachers from the aforementioned school. We have been part of a beautiful story. Due to the limited possibilities of primary school children online learning, one of the teachers came up with a brilliant idea... And we helped to make it happen!

All students were invited to participate in the competition due to the International Mother Earth Day. The students faced a real challenge - eco-bag graphic design. As an encouragement and reward for the children, they could expect... cotton bags! But not just any cotton bags. The winners and could enjoy the sackbags with their own work printed on them! This is a unique trophy - additionally filled to the brim with other prizes. We undertook this order with particular motivation and passion.

cotton bags

Caring for our planet and being eco in every area of ​​life is a priority for us. The more willingly we helped in the organization of the competition by preparing specific bags. It is a perfect example of showing children in practice - from an early age - that we should take care of our common good, which is the environment. The competition was a creative lesson that they will surely remember!

Despite the many difficulties associated with remote teaching, many children got involved in designing beautiful graphics and delivered their work on time. The jury composing of science teachers then selected the best of the best. Firstly scanned, they were then sent to us in digital form and we printed them on specific models of bags. Then they went to designers selected by the jury. Some of the graphics are really endearing, and you cannot doubt kids’ creativity! Smaller schools are more often characterized by a warm family atmosphere. We are proud that we could add something from us and help the school in Stryków this way.

Any reason is good to care for the environment. You too can create a beautiful story by choosing to buy a cotton bag. Say a firm 'no' to plastic by saying 'yes' to reusable green products. Choose the quality and design (size, material, graphics and others) tailored especially for you.

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