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Ecology through the eyes of the children

Published: 04/12/2021

Cooperation with the Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Stryków continues!

We would like to remind you of a text you could read some time ago - you can find it here (link). The headmaster also commented on our cooperation, expressing his gratitude in a beautiful letter of thanks and appreciation. The backpacks we provided for the pupils are awe-inspiring. We are proud and happy to be part of such a noble cause.

Now, we would like to lift the veil of secrecy and tell you which of the works most impressed the jury. Who knows, maybe you too would like to have such an imprint on your bag? Let's start with the youngest kids (grades 1-4).

One of the works depicted the planet Earth with a huge tree growing into its centre. In addition, there were other plants, trees, huge whales, as well as rubbish bins (segregation in the first place!) and a bicycle - as an alternative to fuel transport. Another participant approached the issue with a specific appeal to the audience: "Let's protect nature!" with a tree hiding under a symbolic umbrella. It is true that we should surround nature with a protective umbrella wherever we can. Another pupil drew a globe against the background of a heart, and added the words "take care of the Earth", "separate rubbish" and "save water". Certainly, doing these activities shows our practical love for the planet. The last work in this age range has a map of the Earth inscribed with a heart and a recycling symbol surrounding it. Plus a catchy slogan: "I think (ECO)logically"! Congratulations on ingenuity.

Older classes also have a lot to be proud of. The work of one of the participants depicts the entire planet as a... plant with heart-shaped leaves. It is brightly green - and this is the kind of Earth we would like to see in the future. Another work looks like a graphic straight out of Polish writer Julian Tuwim's poem “Birds' Radio”. Colourful birds sitting on a branch, each of them being eco. The next one can be very frightening if we realize what it really means. It depicts a world standing on the edge of a cliff, which is protected from falling only by one man holding it on a rope. The man who stops this fall is each one of us. The penultimate prize-winning work combines water and flora in a beautiful way. Four roses grow straight from a drop of water - for it is water that gives life. The last poster shows the globe held in the hands. But at their roots, at their foundation, we find the conservation of natural resources, the use of renewable energy sources and the separation of waste. These are practical aspects of taking care of our common good.

Cooperation with the School and Kindergarten Complex in Stryków has been a pleasure for us. We are happy to admire children's talents and see that they are used for good purposes. If you, too, would like to have cotton eco-bags with eco-prints (perhaps as prizes in some competition or as promotional materials?), please contact us!



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