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EKO gadgets. Did you know that we can create an eco-friendly gadget of your choice for each eco-friendly cotton bag?

Published: 27/03/2022

Nowadays being EKO is not only a philosophy, but also a trend on the gadgets market. Every company owner dreams about the most effective promotion of his business, but it is worth promoting it in an environmentally friendly way. Such an approach will bring many benefits to the world, as well as to the promoted venture, which will gain in the eyes of the audience. Promotional gadgets have existed in the market for a long time and still enjoy their popularity and effectiveness today. It is the most popular way to spread the logo, or the name of the company. By definition, marketing gadgets, bearing the company's logo or other graphics directly associated with it, are intended for free distribution, which ultimately is to lead to increased sales of products or services. The benefits that are immediately visible and directly result from distribution of gadgets include: they shape a positive image of the company, help to remember the brand or slogan directly associated with the company and strengthen the positive impression during meetings with customers. Deciding on the ecological gadget will let your recipients know that the environment is not indifferent to you.

We want to be EKO therefore we produce products made of natural raw materials, with less harmful to the environment, biodegradable, as well as recycled items or reusable products. Our flagship products are cotton bags with overprint, which can be freely personalized both in terms of materials, colors, dimensions, as well as by choosing stylish accessories.


Match each ecological cotton bag with an ecological gadget.


Ecological gadgets with logo will promote your company as protecting environment, respecting Earth, caring about future generations. Such slogans strengthen the authority of your company and the prestige of your brand.

Personalization of cotton products is our specialty. Ask our sales specialist how a chosen gadget can be adjusted to your needs. We personally recommend reliable cotton bags, in which the appearance of each detail is determined only by your vision. They will be perfect in combination with other ecological gadgets, which are not lacking in our offer.

Check what eco gadget will match your cotton bag.




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