Published: 11/03/2022

Weight of materials - does it affect the quality of the product? Materials available at Mart's Bags have different weights, find out what this means and whether it translates into product quality.

Different types of cotton can have different weights. The materials we offer and their weights are:

  1. cotton 150g
  2. canvas 240 - 280 g
  3. panama cotton 260g
  4. canvas 320g
  5. recycled cotton 150g
  6. organic cotton 150g
  7. organic cotton 220g



Fabric weight is the weight of 1 square meter of fabric expressed in grams. This concept is helpful in determining the characteristics of a fabric. So does the basis weight of a fabric have any influence on its quality? - No! The weight of the fabric has nothing to do with its quality. We offer high quality cotton regardless of its type and weight. If the fabric has a high basis weight, it will be heavier and thicker, whereas a fabric of a lower basis weight will be light and delicate.

Interestingly enough, you can calculate the weight of the fabric yourself using just one sample. It is not necessary to measure a meter by meter piece of fabric right away. It is best if the sample is rectangular and has a precise measurement. All you have to do is weigh it, for example with a kitchen scale, and use the formula.



We will then use the formula:

Weight = weight of material sample (in grams) / size of material sample (in square meters)

We hope that now it will be easier for you to understand this concept and thus make a more accurate choice.



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