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How to be eco-friendly during Christmas?

Published: 17/12/2021

Most ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas are quite simple and economical to implement. Here are a few practical methods to make our Christmas eco-friendly.

When Christmas arrives, you're sure to make your list of dishes and shopping. Fortunately, there are also eco tips for creating tasty meals. It's best to opt for home cooking and forgo catering, which produces a lot of plastic. It takes some effort, but Christmas Eve dishes are not expensive or complicated to make. You can always get your household members involved to help and that way you can spend some time together too. When you do go shopping, it's a good idea to choose products in large packages or by weight (we recommend buying 5 kg of baking soda). It's also worth getting some basic moulds and pans to last longer, so that you don't use up aluminium products which take hundreds of years to decompose.

Some dishes can even keep for a couple of weeks, e.g. gingerbread, but it's especially worth considering the quantity of typical Christmas Eve dishes, so that you can always offer extra to your guests, and at the same time avoid the so-called excess of post-Christmas food, which can unfortunately end up in the rubbish bin.

There is no denying that this December time is closely linked to presents and decorations. We can make all kinds of Christmas decorations ourselves. To create them, it's worth using pine cones - pine cone baubles, chains, as an addition to wreaths, or you can put them in a vase. Another unique material is paper, which can be used to create stars hung on strings or chains. Involve the youngest members of your household, who will be delighted to make amazing decorations out of salt mass, dried oranges or nuts. Add charm to your home by lighting soy candles. Forgo a cut Christmas tree in favour of a spruce or fir tree in the garden, which can be decorated with LEDs, or buy a tree in a pot, which will serve us for years.

And if you do decide to buy a tree, give it away to farmers, a zoo or donate it to a replanting campaign after Christmas.

Christmas is also a time for travel - after all, you have to get to your hometown. If you don't have a dog, kids or a lot of luggage, we suggest eco-friendly means of transport - a train or bus instead of a car, or for short distances, simply walking to dinner at grandma's. However, if you choose to drive, it is worth applying the principles of eco-driving.

Let's prepare and plan the upcoming holidays together in the spirit of No Waste! Choose home cooking and set a menu to avoid over eating. Buy products in bulk and get reusable moulds. Together with the youngest members of the family, create unique, handmade Christmas decorations from pine cones, salt, paper or dried oranges. If possible, take the train or bus instead of the car to create this magical, nature-friendly time.

Happy eco-Christmas!

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