Published: 15/10/2021

Christmas is coming and with it a lot of preparations associated with this period - including buying gifts. Do you struggle every year with a lack of ideas for gifts for your loved ones, and on top of that you would like not to forget about our planet during this colorful time? We come with help and present ideas for eco gifts that will do the job for everyone!

Many of us agree that handmade gifts are the most enjoyable. Thanks to them you will save some money and you don't need any talent to make them - a good idea is more than enough. Homemade jams and sweets will surely make both the youngest and the oldest happy - after all, everyone loves to munch on sweets. The Internet is full of templates and interesting ideas for creating a family album or a hand-decorated casket or box. They don't require special skills, and these types of gifts bring the most joy to our loved ones. However, if you have a knack for handicrafts, a warm scarf, socks or hat will surely come in handy for your family during winter evenings.


However, if you prefer to bet on a bought gift, then it is advisable to choose practical items that you use for everyday life. These can be food containers, metal cutlery or wooden boxes. I'm sure you'll agree that cosmetics will work perfectly as a gift for anyone, so why not choose environmentally friendly ones? It can be natural perfumes, bar soap, all kinds of organic lotions, shampoos or wooden toothbrushes. Who knows, maybe thanks to eco gifts you will make your loved ones care about the environment.

A large part of the population goes to cafes, so giving your loved one reusable mugs, thermal bottles or bottles will be a great idea. To make the gift more attractive, you can add a metal straw to it. Thanks to such a solution, even take away will be eco-friendly! All you have to do is to choose the right gifts for the tastes and preferences of your loved ones and order ready-made products.

eco gift 

They say that we live in the age of the Internet, but many of our family and friends still haven't given up reading books. It is worth considering buying an Ebook for avid readers, which allows you to reduce the number of trees you cut down, and besides, it is very handy. For the younger members of the family, wooden, well-made toys are a great option, as they will last for years.

As we mentioned, using reusable, durable packaging or bags prevents you from producing a lot of trash! Take a look at cotton, linen or recycled materials. We offer a wide range of cotton packaging, pouches that are perfect as an eco gift and will impress your loved ones!

handmade gift 

Let's spend next Christmas together in the spirit of No Waste and bet on the selection of eco-friendly gifts. Buy reusable cups, bidons, wooden boxes or eco-friendly cosmetics. Let's choose cotton bags, pouches, which will serve in everyday life for years. And if you have a knack for handicrafts, it is worth creating an album or a hand-decorated box. Homemade jams or delicacies, which your loved ones will eat with pleasure, will also work perfectly as a gift.


Happy eco shopping!