Is it possible to live without plastic?

Published: 23/02/2021

The campaign  promoting the replacement of ubiquitous plastic with environmentally friendly substitutes has recently ended in Hrubieszów, Poland. Our ecological cotton bags have found their way into the hands of everyone who has borrowed a book at least once every 7 days within 5 weeks

The bag had an overprint developed during the Loesje creative writing workshops organized by the Library – ‘Plastic, I don't buy it – glass’, the logo of the Municipal Public Library in Hrubieszów and the sponsor of the project - Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej i Mieszkaniowej in Hrubieszów. These organizations came together to support the natural environment under the banner: ‘We promote ecology by promoting reading’


One eco tote bag can be used for years, while disposable plastic bags immediately end up in the trashcan, polluting the environment even more. We are very happy that we were able to support the campaign to make people aware of with how little effort you can help our planet. Talking about zero waste, recycling, upcycling and plastic removal of the kitchen is also close to our heart.

For years we have been introducing 100% natural bags, toiletry bags and sacks to the market. Our dream is for everyone to be aware that they have a choice to use ecological products. We are the pioneers in production of organic cotton and recycled cotton products. We show that you can have unique advertising gadgets and support European quality

So, can you live without plastic? With an ecological, reusable cotton bag it will certainly be easier!

The bag made for Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Hrubieszowie represents TM02 model and was made of drelich 280g in natural and cornflower color.