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It is good, because it’s Polish!

Published: 12/11/2020

It is good, because it’s Polish! This is our slogan, which we like to use in our social media, at trade fairs and in articles. Since many years our mission is to promote Polish production and Polish products in our country and abroad. We are interested in supporting local producers and at the same time we try to represent the quality of Polish goods with our products. We are conscious that our eco cotton bags being produced in Poland, represent all the Polish entrepreneurs and manufacturers abroad.



What does it mean that the product is good?

Good products are desirable, created with attention to details and respond to the client’s needs.

Each step of our production is analyzed in detail in terms of quality. We start sewing our tote bags with checking materials and choosing the ones that are certified with the right documents of production standards. Our textiles are made of 100% natural raw materials. We are proud that a tote bag, produced already for many years, is made of cotton with various weaves and grammages. The next step is to prepare the project of a bag
that will be sewn in our sewing workshop.

All the products such as tote bags, cotton bags on the back, pouches and cosmetic bags are sewn carefully, esthetically so that the client could know that he can trust us, come back and make an order again. A cotton bag is our flagship product, which enjoys great interest. Last year we decided to expand our offer and added linen to our materials. Those bags are light, soft and perfectly fit for many occasions.

Lately an eco bag became more popular and it is one of the most searched position in the Internet among other bags and cotton products. More and more companies start up their companies based on selling cotton bags as an advertisement in the category eco. Also our business is run according to the worldwide eco trends and our mission is to build eco awareness among our partners and clients. We have created a product line called Organic & Recycled, about which you can read here.

Cotton bags from Mart’s Bags are prestige products that increase the value of your Brand. High quality of production, eco goods confirmed with certifications, wide variety of models and details to choose from and customization possible to let our clients create their bags properly adjusted to their needs. Each customer has a chance to create their own tote bag. Cotton bags examples you can also find at our social media or send us a message at info@martsbags.com and ask for samples.

We also offer our service with professionally trained customer care assistants. On a daily basis we help with selecting the most suitable size, type and weight of fabric, and finishing details for your bag.