Keep abreast of a breast

Published: 31/03/2021

More and more is being said about the importance of breast cancer prevention. Unfortunately, with the start of the coronavirus pandemic the level of cytology and mammography being performed drastically decreased. According to the report Oncology in the times of COVID-19 prepared by the Oncology 2025 Foundation, the decrease is as much as 90%!

Remembering about checking the condition of our breasts ourselves, as well as about medical examinations at each check-up by a regular physician and gynecologist, we take care of our health and life. To help people struggling with breast cancer, Gorteks – a Polish manufacturer of women's lingerie - takes part in the campaign ‘Trzymaj rękę na biuście’ (‘Keep abreast of a breast’). It reminds its clients of the importance of breast cancer prevention and financially supports the OmeaLife Foundation, donating 10 PLN from each cotton bag sold.

Bag with a meaningful message
The Gorteks company, in cooperation with MART'S BAGS, has enriched its offer with an ecological cotton bag and an eye-catching print in black. The minimalist, feminine silhouette represents both our strength and delicacy. The bag model is in natural colour, model TM06, available in our offer tab. We made it of durable 280g canvas material.

The bag aims to draw attention to the situation of women struggling with breast cancer and to preventive care in this topic. You can buy it in Gorteks online store, which takes care of properly selected, high-quality lingerie. It also supports Polish brands and an ecological, healthy approach to life, just like us!

To support the Foundation by purchasing an eco-tote bag, please click here

On the other hand, if you would like to create your own product promoting your company - see our offer of ecological, cotton bags and other environmentally sound gadgets anc contact us.