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Linen bag — Do you know six reasons why you should choose linen?

Published: 20/01/2021

Linen bag — Do you know six reasons why you should choose linen?


A linen bag, just like a cotton bag, is a frequently chosen product among marketers as an ideal item on which an advertisement can be printed. Why perfect?

The bag has become a part of our lives as an “item” of everyday use, without which it is difficult to do. A stylish handbag is a basic addition to woman's outfit, complementing her image. Men also use elegant, classic or modern designer bags or pouches. Each of us used bags and backpacks when shopping or travelling.

Cotton and linen bags are an ecological product. The whole world had already heard about pollution and littering the environment. The request that we take care of our surroundings is addressed to everyone. In many media, we hear information about replacing plastic bags with bags that are environmentally friendly.



Linen is a fabric made of plant fibres, which means that it is completely biodegradable. It decomposes and does not remain in the environment for years. That means much less pollution and no hazardous waste. A linen bag is a durable and long-lasting product, resistant to stretching and friction. Also, you can wash it at high temperatures without fear that the fibres will be damaged. Our linen has the Oeko-Tex Certificate. It confirms the quality of the material and compliance with standards during its production. A bag made of linen does not contain substances hazardous to consumers. It is free from substances that have a negative impact on health. In addition, we make our fabric of Polish raw materials.

To sum up, the linen bag is ecological, biodegradable, durable and long-lasting, and is Oeko-Tex certified. Both the material and our bags are produced in Poland, which we are proud of. Let's also not forget that advertising on an everyday product is a continuous message. In the case of a bag, it goes not only to the owner, but also to the people who pass by the owner every day.

We currently offer two available linen colours. You can use grey or natural colour for your linen bag design. Contact us and see what your linen bag will look like.