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Liquor bottle bag

Published: 23/03/2021

Here is one of our most interesting projects – a cotton bag for 4 bottles of wine. It was created for safe and multiple-use transport of glass bottles for a special order of Winestory. Their chain of stores specializing in wine and other liquor uses our bags for sale and as gifts for customers.

This sensual elegant black bag with a red print fulfills its task thanks to the material compartments placed inside. It has two handles reinforced with a cross stitch. For its production, we used cotton 150g. Compared to our other bags, this one has a completely different bottom, because it has equal lengths on each side, forming a square shape.

As you can see, we are not afraid of new challenges! We were eager to start this project knowing that it would be a very practical solution for Winestory's regular customers. If you are looking for an original product for your company that will exactly meet your requirements – check our offer and the accessories we suggest. If you dream of something innovative, contact us! We will help you create a bag or other cotton gadget completely from scratch. 

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Winestory Białołęka
Galeria Północna
ul. Światowida 17 lokal LO.080B, Warszawa
tel. 600 956 795
email: bialoleka@winestory.pl

Winestory Wola
Budynek Proximo
Prosta 68, Warszawa
tel. 662 000 736
email: proximo@winestory.pl

Winestory Żoliborz
Plac Inwalidów 4/6/8, Warszawa
tel. 22 633 45 52
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Winestory Gocław
Centrum Handlowe Gocław
ul. Fieldorfa 41, Warszawa
tel. 22 671 02 32
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Winestory Wawer
ul. Płowiecka 64, Warszawa
tel. 22 815 30 75
email: wawer@winestory.pl

Winestory Ursynów
Galeria Handlowa Metro BIS
Al. KEN 85 lok. 1, Warszawa
tel. 602 113 402
email: ken@winestory.pl

Winestory Łomianki
Galeria Łomianki
ul. Brukowa 25 lokal 62
tel. 22 311 60 65
email: chlomianki@winestory.pl

Winestory Brwinów
Centrum Handlowe Galeria Brwinów
ul. Grodziska 46 lokal nr. 37, Brwinów
tel. 22 734 34 54
email: brwinow@winestory.pl

Winestory King Cross
u. Jubilerska 1/3 lokal 12 bis
tel. 880 521 640
email: jubilerska@winestory.pl