Local producer or importer?

Published: 25/10/2020

Local producer or importer?


It is very common that everyone looks for the best place where to buy the the best quality product. It is also not a secret that competition on the market between importers and local producers has been for years, once leaning towards one side and the other time towards another. In the end, importing which means transporting products from abroad is usually a much cheaper way to stock up in resources.


What are the advantages of using local services and products?

A producer is understood as a direct product creator. Goods that he makes directly represents his values, attitudes, engagement and respect towards clients. There is a lot of information that a product itself carries from a manufacturer to a customer.

First of all, a local producer is a manufacturer connected with a place of his living, consequently he also takes care of it. His closeness with the local consumer makes him understand the importance of social opinion he has. It does not matter if you operate at a smaller or bigger area, you need to be seen and graded positively by your social surrounding as this is a huge part of your success.

An importer is responsible more for logistics and transportation of the transported goods than for a product itself. Taking into account client’s satisfaction, in case of setback/failure in the process of acquiring products he can simply change the supplier. However/Still, though the seller puts less attention to the goods production, the final product still represents his business.

In contrast, a local producer is responsible for the production from the very begining. He constantly needs to take care of a customer’s satisfaction to build and maintain the customer’s trust. That is also why local manufacturers are often additionally engaged locally in many social activities. Social projects in their working area lowers the distance between the environment and the Brand and creates relationships with potential customers and partners.