Mart's Bags in Green Newsweek!

Published: 10/06/2021

Green Newsweek is a section attached to the polish Newsweek weekly, containing 16 pages of specific ecological solutions available on our market. In the issue that premiered on May 24, we also found ourselves among many responsible and conscious companies. We showed how to combine fashion, advertising and ecology.

If you want to know:

• How much does an energy-efficient house cost? How to do it - from design to choice of materials and execution;

• Eco-weekday - an interview with a star who lives eco;

• Report: Let's make a city to live in - how smart cities organize themselves;

• How is public transport and spatial development changing;

• Report: Our everyday trash - a topic that has become very important;

This is the magazine for you!

Do not wait and read the articles you are interested in today - in print or online, after purchasing access.


Increasing environmental awareness becomes crucial for more and more people of influence. Thanks to their message and targeted actions, already 80% of Poles declare that environmental protection should be one of the government's priorities.

This is not the time to splash your eyes, but to face reality. Each of us has an impact on the fate of our planet. We will succeed if we take the state of our planet personally and act together. If you don't know what you can change to help our planet breathe, start by researching. Read a few articles, see the categories in which the companies that were recommended in, for example, this section of Newsweek are located. Just watching in which areas of life people become ecological moves our imagination!


If, on the other hand, you are still struggling to promote your business, we recommend advertising that moves with you, in the form of cotton bags and backpacks. You don't have to spend millions or use kilograms of plastic and paper to become more recognizable. Thanks to Mart's Bags, your logo will naturally become part of the urban landscape. Contact us for details!