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Mart’s Bags on the run Dziki Przełaj (Polish - Wild Cross)

Published: 30/11/2020

Mart's Bags run a wild cross

On November 15, 2020, the first edition of the Dziki Przełaj run took place in the city of Zelów, Poland. The organizers of the event were influencers Paulina and Mateusz, who have been passionate about sports for years, train running and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our company is also involved in the promotion of health and the use of ecological solutions in business, so we decided to support the initiative of young influencers and join the virtual run campaign. We donated cotton backpacks for the event and they were used by all the runners. We have made an overprint with the Mart's Bags Zero Waste Recycled logo and the Dziki Przełaj logo on the bag backpacks using the DTG method.

The report from the run was sent to us by Paulina, who wrote: ‘Of course, as befits today's times, we were not able to meet live, so the run was held virtually. Everyone had to run a previously planned route through the forests of our city. The idea of the run was simple - do something fun together, do the same running route, compare the results and have a great time!’ According to Paulina, the route of the race was demanding. It included ascents, hills and a lot of mud, but the chirping birds made the participants' time enjoyable during the run.

Oznakowany plecak logiem Dziki Przełaj 2020

Summarizing Paulina's words: “All participants ran the route, each at its own time. Smiling, they left the route collecting the medal”

In response to the great interest in the Dziki Przełaj event among people of all ages, the organizers are preparing another edition to which we cordially invite you all.


To participate in the next edition of the virtual run, contact Paulina.

To order cotton bags or backpacks for your event, please contact us.