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Mesta Development

Published: 18/06/2022

Mesta Development, is a development company operating on the Wroclaw market since 2011. One of its main values is ecology. Just like Marts Bags they value caring for the environment, so the choice of ecological, reusable cotton bags, instead of paper or plastic ones, was obvious for them.



Promotional bags with the logo of Mesta Development are used mainly to promote the brand, in important moments for customers. For example, during the reception of a purchased apartment, the client receives - in this very ecological bag - a package of materials, gifts and gadgets. Then, the customer and his family use the bag in any way they want: for shopping, for a walk, for a workout, to the pool, during the move, and sometimes even as protection from the rain.

Promotional bags are also used during promotional events, such as real estate fairs. Advertising and information materials for potential customers are placed in them. Also the employees of Mesta Development themselves often use the bags in everyday situations. The size and material of which they are made allows even for emergency transport of a laptop to a meeting.




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