Mix &Match around the world

Published: 26/05/2023

Barcelona, a city located on the on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the humid subtropical climat. This is where the Mix & Match bag came to visit. Durable material DENIM 180g + ORGANIC COTTON LINING 150g, perfect for walking trips along the Mediterranean Sea, inside of our bag you will find a zipper which protects all your necessities secure. Neutral colors will fit into any styling. Inside the bag you can also find a pocket where you can safely hide your phone or other important things.



If you are looking a way to expose your brand, which  also support emloyer branding activities in your company, this form of advertising is for you. Thanks to the possibility of complete personalization from the moment of choosing the material to the color and labels, you can create a unique product. Let your own brand conquer the world, proudly walking the streets of the world's largest cities. If you are looking for a product that meets the needs of your customers, we will provide you with a high-quality Mix&Match Organic Cotton Bags.




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