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Published: 23/05/2022

Organic cotton and recycled cotton are two flagship products of Mart's Bags. They are ideal as material for the production of a cotton bag, but also other products available in our assortment, namely 18 models of bags, bagpacks, pouches, cosmetic bags and aprons. A product made of ecological cotton will look nice and be a business card of your company. Both materials are available in a natural color, so at first glance you can associate them as an eco product.

The Organic&Recycled series consists of 3 fabrics: 150 weight organic cotton, 220 weight organic cotton and 150 weight recycled cotton. Each of these three cotton products comes in a natural color.

Each of our products features high quality workmanship and attention to every last detail. Currently, organic and recycled cotton bags fit into the TOP list of ecological products. Importantly, all products are sewn in Poland, so by choosing to use our services you support the native business.

Organic material - what is worth knowing about it?

Organic material is defined as material produced from products of plant or animal origin or is closely related to them.

The rules and standards by which such material is evaluated are very strict and strictly defined. It all starts at the stage of plant cultivation or animal breeding. The application of these rules applies in turn also during the production process and the way of packaging. Each of these processes is strictly controlled in order to ensure that no contamination of inorganic origin, chemicals or antibiotics get into the product and the process is carried out correctly. Without exception, this proper manufacturing process should be all organic because it will ultimately affect the finished product. The idea behind the production of organic materials is to promote the best growing methods and care for the environment.

Let's go back to the beginning, which is the cultivation of crops by farmers with a holistic approach. With such crops, artificial fertilizers or pesticides are prohibited. This is regulated by law. The soil should be fertile, rich in nutrients, fertilized with organic substances such as manure or compost. When it comes to animals, there are equally strict rules: they must live free-range and it is forbidden to feed any genetically modified ingredients.



Recycled material - what should you know?

Recycled materials use products that go through multiple life cycles. There are productions that reuse materials from used clothes, waste from first garment production, recycled yarns, regenerated fabrics or PET bottles. These materials are used to make fibers, which are then used to create recycled material. This material, in turn, works great as a base for creating, for example, cloth bags.

The production of such material reduces the creation of waste, and the processes developed for recovering raw materials and creating further life cycles lead to products of very high quality. Mart's Bags company follows the growing field of using recycled materials. For this reason, the fabrics used to manufacture our products are tested and authorized by the Textile Exchange organization with the Recycled Claim standard certification.

Decide on an ecological promotional gadget from Mart's Bags and enjoy advertising that does not harm the environment.




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