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Organic & Recycled

Organic and recycled cotton

Eco-leather is an ecological imitation of natural leather material. The eco-leather label is available in many colours. Thanks to the properties of eco-leather and the use of a laser, we can engrave signs on its surface and cut any shapes. The surface is delicate and soft to the touch. Engraved patterns faithfully reproduce every detail, contrasting nicely with the surface of the eco-leather. The tag can be sewn on the top edge, to the side or on the outside of the bag.

What does it mean, that the material is organic?

Organic material is a material that is closely related to plants and animals. The standards and terms for the production of organic materials are strict and apply to plant cultivation, animal life, production and packaging. The processes of creating materials are carefully controlled to ensure that no inorganic contamination, chemicals or antibiotics enter the production process. They should be entirely organic, as it will ultimately affect the finished product. Moreover, these terms are intended to promote the best cultivation methods and should be environmental friendly.
Farmers are well aware of the methods of growing crops on organic farms. These methods are prescribed by law and must be secured. Farmers take a holistic approach to farming, for example by using natural fertilizers. They are complemented by artificial fertilization of plants, pesticides and inorganic processes during production. The soil should be fertile, rich in nutrients, fertilized with organic substances such as manure or compost. Animals should live in a free range. In addition, genetically modified ingredients are prohibited. This is because organic farming itself promotes health and ecology on the farm, meaning healthy, organic production. 
Remember that inorganic production contributes to the climate change. For this reason, the principles of organic farming prohibit artificial, chemical fertilizers and organic materials require careful packing and appropriate labels or labels with a certification code.

What does it mean, that the material is recycled?

Eco-fabrics made of fibers obtained from recycled materials are textiles that go through many stages. There are productions that reuse materials from used clothes, waste from the first garments production, recycled yarn, regenerated fabrics or PET bottles. The recycled material is the basis for making bags. This type of production allows to reduce the generation of waste and the developed processes of raw material recovery and the creation of very high quality products.
The textile Industry is constantly evolving and developing in the field of the use of secondary raw materials. Companies are constantly looking for new possibilities of producing fabrics. The production is more and more conscious and has an increasing positive impact on the natural environment. Fabrics that are used by Mart’s Bags for the production of each bag model are checked and authorized by the Textile Exchange organization with the Recycled Claim Standard Certificate.

Why organic and recycled?

These materials are durable. In addition, organic and recycled materials are ecological and made with the environment in mind, which is their advantage over standard or synthetic textiles.

What can be produced from ecological materials? Organic and recycled  cotton are materials that are ideal for sewing products such as material bags, cosmetic bags, pouches and drawstring bags.

Innovation and eco solutions are our guiding principle. We can meet your expectations by creating an advertising bag according to your needs. We offer material products that can be used as an advertisement.