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Organic & Recycled - new types of cotton at Mart's Bags!

Published: 19/11/2020

Organic cotton and recycled cotton!

The idea of ​​creating a department with organic and recycled materials arose along with the development of our business. Initially, our products were made of standard types of cotton, but recently we have decided to explore the topic of environmentally friendly materials. We are talking about recycled cotton and cotton produced during organic production. Our offer also includes flax.

Environment and production are two separate spheres, but both are important to us and that is why we believe that they should interact with each other. Observation of the business environment and the environment around us allowed us to draw conclusions regarding production and consumption in our industry. As a leader in the production of cotton bags on the Polish market, we feel responsible for promoting environmentally friendly production as well as the re-use of raw materials.


Biodegradable and compost materials have been very well received by our customers, and now they are also part of our top products that are snapped up like hot cakes. All our materials have the appropriate certificates, proving their quality and production in accordance with the stringent requirements of certification institutions. Certificates are a kind of communication with the client. The label with the logo, confirming the quality of the products, assures the consumer that the message is authentic and the producer is credible.

Cotton bags made of organic materials carry an idea that has been important in business circles for many years, namely ‘like us for the environment, so the environment for us’. The activity of Mart's Bags is not only about ordinary bag production. We make sure that our bags are a showcase of both us and your campaigns and brands. Quality, transparency and authenticity come first for us and we strive to present all these features in our products.