Pack samples of your products in elegant bags or cotton bags

Published: 15/02/2021

Producers of various goods often send their customers pattern books or samples of products, materials or colours. Such templates serve sales and marketing purposes and should therefore be provided appropriately. Preparation of sample products is the first important stage. But then we have to choose the appropriate packaging for the shipment.

The packaging of products is the showcase of the brand and customers will certainly pay attention to it. It is also a marketing channel that is one of the few that reaches all customers. By the time the recipient opens the parcel and takes the pattern book out, the packaging will provide them with a lot of information about you, your company and how you treat your customers. The first impression can only be made once and it is next to impossible to change it later. If the first impression is positive, each subsequent message will be perceived through the prism of previously aroused positive emotions.

torba z bawełny

Cotton products are great as packaging for other products. In addition, after removing the content, they can be used many times and make you stay with the customer for longer. Good-quality cotton packaging will certainly make one feel good. Cotton bags, pouches and cosmetic bags are pleasant to the touch and look elegant when combined with many products.

The Real Estate Support company sells custom-made contract furniture on a daily basis. It operates mainly abroad. Mart's Bags are used by them to deliver samples of materials for the production of furniture to its customers. Bags are used both during shipping and in person. Appearing at meetings and events with an inimitable, elegant, prestigious, good-quality cotton bag with high-quality print always makes a good impression.

torba materiałowa

According to the opinion of the RES company: “the bags are made of good quality material, they are very durable, therefore we have no problems with delivering samples even with a total weight of 5-6 kg. Unfortunately, we happened several times that the bottom of the box in which we were carrying the samples fell off.” - We are glad that our bags are a great alternative to other packaging, even in the case of heavier products, and they also have versatile uses:

“What's more, we also use bags to prepare a set of workwear and a hygiene set for employees. The workwear handed over to the employee in such a bag has not only practical aspects (it can hold a jacket, trousers, shoes, etc.), but also aesthetic.”

The bag for Real Estate Support was made of TM06 models and 280g canvas material in grey colour with black print.