Published: 21/11/2023

Aikido club Tanren Dojo, whose founder is Mr. Przemek, relied on the TM18 bag model - a flat bag with a bottom, natural color made of panama - whose texture and weight was the best.

Panama is one of our premium materials, it consists of only natural fibers, forming an irregular weave characteristic of thicker materials. This makes it highly resistant to tearing, stretching, or mechanical damage. The project carried out for the Polish Aikido Federation relies on thicker ears, 4 cm wide, and an internal pocket. All this makes the bag a maximally durable and practical product.



Order history


However, before the design itself went to Mart`s Bags, the club owner checked out many other possibilities - but none met the high expectations. Our skilled sales team from the Polish department rose to the occasion and, after many attempts, realized the concept, which Mr. Przemek accepted and the Aikido adepts enthusiastically purchased the product, now proudly walking the streets with a beautiful cotton bag in line with the Aikido philosophy.

The choice of the cotton bag itself was not accidental, the owners were keen that their actions should have a positive impact not only on the development of the club but also on the entire planet. During a conversation with us, Mr. Przemek stressed that ecology is as important to them as living in harmony and peace.

The very idea of creating the bag assumed in the first place the demand for this type of article, among club members, the product itself had to be practical and of high quality, the bag as a gadget should reflect their club identity and passion - carrying a message that would be in line with the Dojo.

The bag was finally created on the occasion of the club's 20th anniversary, its graphics referring to the symbol of the rising sun. Sylwia Swierczek, one of the club members of the Aikido Tanren Dojo, is responsible for the creation of the graphics.


In the world of sports


The concept for the creation of the bag was already created a year and a half ago, the owner with great passion and attention to the smallest detail was looking for a suitable company to create a cotton bag, conforming to the highest standard, whose material, grammage and quality will meet the expectations of the investor and the people to whom the product would ultimately go. The selection of the right model and the tests that the material had to go through in order to finally go into production - made this project even more special. I think we could compare the process of its creation to the path that AIKIDO adepts go through, the path to harmony. According to the dictionary, the term AIKIDO means AI - Harmony, KI - Strength, DO - Way.

Meet the unique design that brings harmony and balance to mind.

The bags can be purchased at the club's headquarters - Herbsta Street 4, 02-784 Warsaw.

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