Cotton Pouch

Create your own drawstring pouch- perfect for storing various small items, electronic equipment or, in the case of larger pouches, even sets of clothes and cosmetics. It is a cute accessory that will work very well in any environment. Choose the color and type of material, send us the artwork and leave us the rest. We will prepare a visualization and a prototype, and you will decide if you want to receive a sac with your company's logo. We offer a wide range of sizes - from 8 × 12 cm to 68 × 112 cm and many accessories. These include colored string (natural, black, red, white, light gray, dark gray), various types of tags. With a minimum order of 500 pieces, a wider range of string colors is available.

We offer two types of models: a pouch (tightened with a string on both sides) and a standard (with the possibility of removing on one or two sides).

The entire production stage takes place in Poland. We support recycling and offer products made of 100% dyed and natural cotton.

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