Promotional products in the digital century

Published: 07/09/2023

Promoting and building virtual relationships is the current trend in many companies. But is this the right way to go? Is there a quantifiable benefit to companies in moving away from traditional promotional products?  To be truly effective, branded promotional products must fulfil two main functions. What matters is that they are practical for daily use and of good quality.



Cotton bags are a good example of this. They are an excellent medium for information and advertising. They promote the brand in many business situations through their versatile use. However, whether or not cotton bags achieve the expected objectives depends largely on the quality of their manufacture. That is why it makes sense to choose cotton - premium products. At Mart's Bags, we offer tested, certified materials. We also offer durable printing methods and full customisation of the product to best suit its purpose. So back to the point - in an age of digitalisation, remote working and virtual meetings, do physical gifts still have a place? The answer is simple - of course they do! It is human nature to build relationships. Research by 2023 has clearly shown that accessories and tangible items have for years had a positive impact on a company's image and strengthened business relationships. Giving gifts warms the image and makes counterparts more willing to do business.



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