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Story of the bag for Trefl S.A.

Published: 12/05/2021

Story of the bag for Trefl S.A.

One of our clients is Trefl company. It is one of the most famous producers of board games, toys and puzzles in Poland. Especially for them, we have made a bag in a dark gray color and with patterns of their choice. The customer decided on a bag in the TM02 model, i.e. with the bottom and sides, pressed. The material used for the production of this bag is 280g canvas, which is a really firm fabric. The print was made in silver, adding the graphics a metallic gloss. A bag of this size is an excellent choice for a box with a board game.
Our client decided to hand out a bag full of gadgets for new employees as part of onboarding. Thanks to this, the employee will be able to feel the atmosphere of the company while entering the unique toy industry. The composition of various useful and aesthetic gadgets is to make employees use them not only on the first day of work. The same applies to the packaging of gadgets, a cotton bag with a chosen corporate graphics.

Choosing a cotton bag is also a clear signal of concern for the environment. Each pro-ecological undertaking or project is a step in the right direction. There is also the aspect of building environmental awareness and encouraging others to use reusable bags. The corporate logo is the icing on the cake - it increases brand recognition and lets it into the everyday life of consumers.

We are glad that Trefl employees are so warmly welcomed, and we wish them that all their working days will pass in the good atmosphere of the toy industry. Like no other, it brings smiles to children in Poland and around the world every day. We are proud that we could, in a sense, become a part of this project and contribute to it, additionally caring for our environment and serving as a good model for future generations. This is the next step to make plastic bags a thing of the past.

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