The Cozy Cotton Chritmas

Published: 19/12/2023

How to create a magical, festive atmosphere with cotton products.

In the B2B world, Christmas campaigns are coming to an end. It's the perfect time to take stock of the various promotional activities.


How can cotton products be part of the Christmas festive season?


Cotton fabrics evoke feelings of warmth through their soft, gentle touch. Cotton products such as various types of bags, aprons, backpacks or cosmetic bags, which have an incredibly wide range of applications, also work well during the holidays when we want to show an image of falling snowflakes -or your company logo in a more festive setting.. 
A lot of Christmas campaigns are based on the emotions that we want to get across to the recipient. 
Big companies are very good at matching the message to the product they have.




Discover the impact that cotton products have on the special atmosphere of the Christmas season.


Let's go to a festive mountain town. It's covered in snow and lit up by millions of colourful lights. With snow crunching underfoot, the streets are lined with warmly dressed passers-by. Shopkeepers display intricately prepared products, perfect for the festive season. 

In the background, you can hear the bells of a sleigh - Santa Claus is pulling up in his carriage to visit one of the houses where children have been left without their parents. The house is unlit. It is the only one that looks sad, even sombre, in the midst of all the Christmas lights. Santa Claus steps over the threshold with a large sack full of presents and magic happens. Small sacks of books and wonderful, environmentally friendly toys find their way to the overjoyed children. The picture is completed by instrumental music. 

A beautiful message is delivered and the simple, minimalist bag itself and what it contains becomes memorable.


Organic cotton bags symbolise festive responsibility.


Every advertising campaign has a subliminal effect on the viewer, arousing more or less strong emotions. This is why it is so important that an advertising product is versatile. It must be consistent with the image we want to convey.  

One such promotional product that fits perfectly into any Christmas campaign is our cotton items, which we use to wrap many products, at the same time personalising the packaging. Mart's Bags takes up the challenge and prepares the Christmas packaging for companies and institutions in a festive atmosphere. Wrap your products in cotton bags, whether wine, jewellery, cosmetics or white goods. In harmony with the planet, we help your business shine. Discreet and tailored to your company, our product is a graceful addition to any advertising campaign.



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