Published: 19/03/2024

Public awareness


More and more people are becoming aware of the need to take care of the planet by reducing waste and choosing greener solutions. One such choice is to give up plastic bags in favor of a cotton bag. Why exactly is such a bag considered one of the best options? Today we'll take a look at the history of a cotton bag manufacturer's partnership with a Spanish language school in Gdynia, and find out why it's worth betting on a bag made of natural material.


History in Spanish style


Liliana Poszumska, a certified sworn Spanish translator who has passed on her passion and talent to thousands of students in Gdynia and beyond. She is the founder of the La Mancha language school, which, thanks to her unusual approach to teaching, has become one of the most well-known and respected Spanish language learning institutions. She creates all of her teaching materials herself, striving to include the essence of Spanish culture and language - she is also the founder of Todo La Mancha, a publishing house that oversees the production of materials. Her story is proof that a combination of passion, work and dedication can bring not only personal success, but also a positive impact on those around you. Like Martyna Konowrocka, whose vision and social consciousness has allowed her to create a "cotton" empire, creating environmentally safe advertising media, in the form of personalized cotton items such as bags, workoplecaks, cosmetic bags and much, much more.

The origins of this collaboration go back several years, when the founder of the language school realized that bags made of natural, organically grown cotton could be a great addition to the Spanish language school's offerings, while also being a consistent element of the brand's image. Because what works better for awareness and a sense of belonging than a cool gadget that, in addition to its promotional function, is also interesting, useful and visually appealing.


Brand personalization itself is an important element in building a school's image and increasing its visibility. It is also a way to build ties with the establishment and an undoubted opportunity to generate additional sources of income. Nowadays, when competition among language schools is fierce, brand personalization can be one of the key factors in attracting students and building the school's reputation. With such a product being used by the people associated with the school, as well as the dozens of people these people interact with, the brand is increasingly recognized and associated with high quality. And this, in turn, can be an important factor for potential students looking for the best deal.


The devil is in the details


La Mancha has taken care of every detail in building the brand's image. Their trademark is an adorable llama, whose image was taken from a Bolivian keychain with the same symbol.


Cotton bags are one of the most popular everyday accessories today. They are convenient, practically indestructible, and eco-friendly - that's why they are so popular.


And so each year, red-blooded cotton bags are created, model TM01, with a motif of a cheerful llama and a slogan with a wordplay that becomes the beginning of the way for many students in La Mancha: ¿Cómo se llama?


The end justifies the means


The advantages that Mart's Bags cotton bags have are ideally suited to the needs of a language school. Made of high-quality materials, they are durable and resistant to damage, which is very important for people who travel frequently and need to carry all their essentials. In addition, they are easy to clean, which is very important for people who want to take care of the hygiene of their daily accessories. It follows, therefore, that the marketing side-effect of using cotton bags with the logo of the language school turned out to be a very good idea. As a result, both Mart's Bags and the La Mancha language school in Gdynia can look forward to even greater success and interest in their products in the future.


In women's strength


From the very beginning, an important goal of this collaboration was to promote ecological values and environmental education. Another important aspect of this collaboration was that the use of cotton bags became a way to promote Spanish language learning among the community. Seen on every street corner, the bags became a kind of advertisement for the Spanish language school, helping to raise people's awareness of its existence.

The story of the cooperation between the cotton bag manufacturer and the Spanish language school in Gdynia shows that simple actions can have a huge impact on the planet, and that it is worth pursuing ecological goals in various areas of our lives. By choosing cotton bags over plastic ones, we not only help ourselves, but also the entire environment, while supporting initiatives that promote educational and ecological values. Let's remember that small steps lead to big changes, and taking care of our planet is a task shared by each of us. Meanwhile, the cooperation between two companies from different industries, whose potential was created by inspiring women, proves the power and unlimited possibilities of female strength.



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