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The second edition of Dziki Przełaj project

Published: 09/04/2021

This winter, the second edition of the Dziki Przełaj run was held. While 2021 still bears the hallmark of isolation and spending time at home, exercise is important  just as ever. The organization of such an event is not easy, so we are all even more glad that we were able to help as one of the sponsors. We provided all participants of the run bagpacks with a new winter logo of the event.

The organizers of the run are Paulina and Mateusz, also known as krajdzik and abstraczika. This time the route was 7 km long leading through forest, on snow, ice and mud. The whole event took place in Zelów, near Łódź. After reaching the finish line, the participants received well-deserved medals. About forty people successfully completed the race.

This is what the leaders say about the event: “For the second time the runners stood at the starting line of the 'Dziki Przełaj' run. This time the route was more difficult, because the conditions were more difficult. Snow and ice all around. However, the runners were fearless, they fought for every second. Over 40 people reached the finish line! They faces were lighten up with satisfaction. Completing such a race is no ordinary feat! "

The pandemic and practicing sports are a challenge for the active. For people who were just planning to start exercising, it can become an insurmountable obstacle. We encourage you to take care of your physical and mental health and not lose contact with nature. At the beginning, just walks in the park or forest will make a big difference. For longer walks, we often might need water, a telephone or some tissues. Our backpacks made of ecological cotton will work perfectly in such conditions!

If you need inspiration to spend time actively, see influencers Mateusz and Paulina.

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