Published: 12/12/2023

From planning to skitraj and storage, specialize in storing things. Their service - mobile cache and the ability to "skit" things is undoubtedly a fantastic idea! In their December advertising campaign, they wanted to be even closer to people, accompanying them on a daily basis! So they opted for a cotton bag of our production, which allows you to "stash" everyday things - be it shopping, college stuff, handy things for a toddler for a walk, etc. Extra space is never too much, right? Thus, in addition to practical storage solutions, the company also provides customers with a fantastic - aesthetically pleasing and, above all, environmentally friendly product. Their offer is a comprehensive approach to conveniently organizing your living space - you can also rent their boxes, for example, for the time of moving which is a fantastic alternative to classic cardboard boxes - what undoubtedly sets them apart is their comprehensive assistance in organizing a comprehensive move! Nothing but putty!



A common idea!


Despite the apparent difference between ours at first glance, is driven by the common idea of easy and enjoyable storage. With this campaign, shows that for them both functionality and aesthetics are equally important.


The idea counts


The story of each project begins with an idea - an idea, and then together we realize the most demanding ideas - so that the final product, perfectly matches the customer's taste and vision. In the process of creating a project, every detail is important, and every decision is made with a view to achieving the perfect result. Our team focuses on the technical and visual aspects, but above all takes into account the individual preferences of the client to create something not only functional, but also tailored to his personal style and needs - and this was the case with, symbolized by the red squirrel.


Your brand matters


The result of the Mart's Bags team's work is a sturdy bag, made of 280g denier fabric in natural color. This type of cotton fabric is thick and sturdy, all due to its twill weave, in which there are no free spaces. It is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage, so the TM06 bag, made for the "squirrel", is as durable as it is roomy. This type of material is a great base for printing, it retains low shrinkage, and thus the graphics on the cotton bag are extremely durable, especially in this case - we used the screen printing method, one of the most popular.'s advertising campaign involved attaching a cotton bag with the logo to each order as a customer gift.

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