Published: 31/01/2024

W świecie biznesu, pierwsze wrażenie, to w dużej mierze efekt pracy nad identyfikacją wizualną firmy, a kluczowym elementem tejże identyfikacji jest logo. Logo staje się swoistą wizytówką marki, odzwierciedlając jej charakter, wartości i unikalność. W dzisiejszym artykule przyjrzymy się bliżej różnym rodzajom logo – od znaków graficznych po monogramy – odkrywając ich specyfikę, zastosowania i wpływ na percepcję marki. Poznajcie rodzaje logotypów wraz z konkretnymi przykładami.


Types of logos - 7 types


Different logos and their names can affect brand perception - from abstract to describing a specific company's activity.


Graphic mark


A graphic mark is one of the fundamental forms of a logo, based on a specific object, character or symbol that is representative of the brand. It is distinguished by its legibility and clarity of message, which allows it to be immediately associated with a particular company or product. This type of logo is ideal for companies that want to focus the viewer's attention on a particular object or symbol, strongly associated with their business.

Logo examples:

  • Apple's logo is a distinctive apple with a broken off piece, which has become a symbol of innovation, simplicity and quality of the company's products.
  • The Swoosh, which is a dynamic dash resembling a wing, is the iconic logo of the Nike brand. It refers to the idea of movement, dynamism and achieving success.


Abstract and symbolic mark


These are types of logos that use abstract forms, lines or symbols to convey a brand's core values and ideas. Unlike a graphic mark, such logos are not based on a specific object or character, but instead reach for more subtle, sometimes enigmatic, symbols to stimulate the imagination and make us think about the brand's message.

Examples of an abstract mark and symbolic logo:

  • Three parallel stripes forming the letter "A" is the abstract symbol of Adidas. It represents the brand's dynamism, energy and solidity in the field of sports.
  • The spherical shape, distinctive colors and wave are abstract elements of the Pepsi logo, symbolizing joy, movement and positive energy.




An emblem is a sophisticated type of logo in which a symbol or icon is placed inside a frame or surrounds text. This design style is ideal for creating a logo that combines both a graphic element and a brand name. Emblems often exude elegance and prestige, and their distinctive frames add a certain solidity and defined character.

Emblem examples:

  • A classic example of a Starbucks emblem, in which the silhouette of a mermaid is placed inside a circle, with the brand name surrounding the whole thing. This logo exudes the atmosphere of a coffee shop and is also elegant.
  • The traditional BMW logo is a stylized emblem in which four wheels with white and blue fields are surrounded by a ring with the word "BMW." This logo connotes luxury and engineering excellence.




A logo featuring a character or characters that represent a brand is a category of graphic design that uses human or industry-related characters to convey brand identity. This approach makes the logo more personal and can build relationships with consumers through the use of characters that are associated with the product or service.

Logo themed examples with a character:

  • KFC's well-known logo depicts the figure of an old gentleman in a white suit, who is an icon of the company. This character is associated with traditional taste and family atmosphere, which fits perfectly with the brand's philosophy.
  • The Michelin logo features a character named Bibendum, also known as the "Michelin Man." This tire-shaped character is both sympathetic and reminiscent of Michelin tires.




A logotype, also known as a wordmark, is a classic logo consisting mainly of text or typography, without additional graphic elements. It is characterized by the use of a unique letter shape, typeface or other textual elements that form the main part of a brand's visual identity. The different types of logos are minimalistic and focused on the form of words themselves, making them legible and easily recognizable.

Examples of logos:

  • Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic logos in the world, consisting of red letters on a white background. The unique typography and dynamic layout of the letters create a recognizable aesthetic.
  • Google's logo is the colorful letters of the word "Google." Its simple yet original color scheme and clean form make it easily identifiable around the world.




A glyph is a type of logo that relies on a single character or letter to create a recognizable brand symbol. This minimalist design style allows the brand to focus on one key element, making the logo easy to remember and quickly recognizable. Symbolic logos in the form of glyphs often use graphic elements that have a special meaning for the brand, thus building its uniqueness Glyphs are often abstract, and their form can refer to the nature of the brand or the values it represents.

Examples of glyphs:

  • McDonald's golden arc, shaped in a distinctive form, is one of the most recognizable glyphs in the world. It is quickly associated with the brand and yet simple in its form.
  • The little blue bird, known as the "Twitter Bird," is the iconic glyph of the social media platform Twitter. Its simplicity and distinctive shape easily distinguish the brand.




A monogram is a type of logo in which the dominant element is the initials or abbreviation of the brand name. This design style makes the logo both elegant, compact and easily recognizable. Monograms use unique letter shapes, often combined in complex patterns, which creates a personalized mark for the brand. Classic logos, based on an elegant and simple design, are often chosen by companies that value tradition and high quality

Examples of monograms:

  • The distinctive "LV" is one of the most recognizable monograms in the world of luxury fashion. It is an elegant combination of the letters of the initials of the brand's founder.
  • The Gucci monogram is a complex combination of two "G "s, forming an original pattern. This logo symbolizes the style and exclusivity of the brand.


Logo - what to pay attention to?


Designing or selecting the right logo for a company is an important step in the process of building its visual identity. In order for a logo to effectively attract attention and effectively communicate brand values, there are several key criteria to consider when choosing a type of logo:


Uniqueness and originality

A logo should stand out from the competition through its uniqueness. Original design attracts attention and makes the brand memorable to the audience, which is crucial in a dynamic market environment.


Scalability and readability in different sizes

A logo should be readable in both large and small sizes. Scalability ensures that the logo maintains its form and legibility, whether it is used on a billboard or in small online ads.


Consistency with brand values and mission

The logo should reflect the values and mission of the brand, creating consistency in the visual message. Elements of the logo should be consistent with the company's character to effectively convey the company's identity and build a positive image.

Flexibility to different media and platforms

The logo should be flexible and easily adaptable to different media and platforms. Maintaining the quality and legibility of the logo across different mediums, from print to digital social media, is key to maintaining a consistent brand presence across all areas of communication.




Various logos and their names play a key role as an element of building brand identityi.It is a visual representation of the values, character and goals of the company that attracts the attention of the audience. In the context of choosing the right type of logo, there is a need to pay attention to its compatibility with the unique character of the brand. Creating a logo with the right characteristics, such as uniqueness, scalability or compatibility with the company's mission, is key to building a consistent visual identity. Careful alignment of the logo with the characteristics of the brand ensures that it becomes an effective communication tool that effectively captures the essence of the company.

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