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Published: 04/05/2022

An advertising gadget is usually a small object, on which an advertisement is placed, but its effectiveness is invaluable. It is the most popular way of advertising company's logo or name, but it is also used by institutions, offices and organizations of non-commercial character. Marketing gadgets, bearing the company logo or other graphics directly associated with it, are intended for free distribution, which ultimately is to lead to increased sales of products or services. The benefits that are immediately visible and directly result from the distribution of gadgets include: shaping a positive image of the company, help to remember the brand or slogan directly associated with the company and strengthen the positive impression during meetings with customers. During introduction of new products advertising gadgets may help to promote them effectively.

What should be a good gadget? Well, its effectiveness is determined by a number of factors, such as attractive appearance of items and their usefulness and durability. The form of advertising print is also important.

The usefulness, that is the possibility of practical use of the item will make it become an integral part of the recipient's life, and thus he will have positive associations with the brand. According to the 2019 ASI Global Ad Impressions Study report, usability is the top reason for 77% of consumers to keep promotional products. An example of a useful gadget is our cotton bags, for which everyone is sure to find a use.

However, the usefulness itself is not yet the key to success, because its functions must be strengthened by the durability of the product and its attractive appearance. Then the customer will feel satisfaction from receiving such a gift and it will become an object of everyday use.

When the goal of introducing the product to the recipient's everyday use is achieved, the most important role is played by the advertisement placed on the item itself. In order for it to be effective, it should first of all be legible, recognizable, aesthetic and highly visible. Assuming that the product itself will be used for a long time, the ad placed on it can not be rubbed off. At Mart's Bags we have effective methods of printing such as DTG, thermal transfer, or screen printing - their quality makes cotton products from our offer can be used for years.

Effectiveness of advertising gadgets is undeniable. According to research as much as 70% of companies consider gadgets as a great way to promote their brand. Despite the need to invest a certain amount of money it is worth choosing an advertising gadget. This sum is small compared with the profits that such promotion will bring and taking into account other positive aspects related mainly to building a positive relationship with the customer. According to consumers as well as business owners, it can be a good idea to opt for eco-friendly gifts, but also on occasion for functional gadgets. At Mart's Bags you will find a wide range of products that fit perfectly into this climate. These are: cotton bags, workpacks, pouches, make-up bags and aprons - their additional advantage is the possibility of full personalization.

Each occasion to give a promotional gadget is good! It can be a recognition for regular customers or a welcome for new ones, individual occasions for employees who will feel extra appreciated in this way or events promoting the company.




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