Visualize your project with Marts Bag`s

Published: 19/05/2023

One of the elements in the process of creating a cotton bag is determining the graphics that will be printed on the material. Customers prepare the file with the selected design on their own, and then send it to us at Our customer service specialists verify whether the file has been prepared correctly and the graphics it contains can be transferred to the project to create a visualisation. The visualization is to confirm the project, to check if the client's vision is correctly read by our team and if the project still needs corrections. We print vector or raster bitmap graphics on our cotton bags.


In the case of vector graphics, a correctly prepared file should be sent as:

  • PDF
  • CDR


In the case of bitmap graphics, a correctly prepared file should be sent in the following format:

  • JPG
  • Bitmap - minimum 300 DPI



Project saved in pdf format will allow you to open the graphics in any program, both Adobe and Corel Draw. Additionally, this form is suitable for screen printing. In the case of raster graphics, the bitmap should be saved with min. 300 DPI to preserve the clarity of the image. If the customer is interested in digital printing, graphics can be sent as JPG.


We do not recommend sending files as an open design in .ai or .psd format. Our customer service specialists do not use Adobe programs, so .ai and .psd files cannot be opened by us. We can, however, work on Corel Draw files.


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