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We are at the trade fair, but there is no fair

Published: 13/02/2021

Have you heard about the International Trade Fairs for Advertising and Printing? For many companies, trade fairs are the time and opportunity to present themselves to the world in person. At the fair, we get to know potential customers and give them the opportunity to talk face to face, touch the product and learn about the activities and production inside out. Advertising fairs are held in several countries and cities in Europe. This event is attended by owners and representatives of many companies from different countries. In one place there are competitors competing with each other for the same client, and at the same time building a venture together in an atmosphere of cooperation. As you can guess, the whole "event" is filled with many emotions.


Every year, all fairs are held stationary. In 2021, many events were cancelled due to the epidemiological situation in the world. What solutions do the organizers of the fair propose? Will online fairs fulfil their role in 100%? Does online fairs even exist?

The fair is an ideal platform for business development, offering everything that the participants may need. The events often include thematic training, lectures and presentations, as well as meetings and interviews with selected people.

Expo? It is a place of numerous meetings of industry representatives. The opportunity to meet another person face to face creates space for the exchange of valuable experiences and getting to know the products in person. However, today's world, including advertising, sales and many other activities, is moving to the Internet. With each passing month, the online world begins to take over businesses that are forced to submit to the upcoming trends and needs of their customers.

Presentation of achievements and discussion presented online is now a normal, well-known and accepted phenomenon. However, are we able to satisfy the age-old need for tangible knowledge of the product electronically and remotely?

Below, I will briefly present you the international trade fair in which we participated.



1. Rema Days

The international advertising and printing fair, which takes place at the beginning of each year in Warsaw. The perfect start to the first business quarter, thanks to which we become familiar with the current trends in the competition, development directions and new products. Rema Days is one of the largest industry events in the world.

Link to the event: https://www.remadays.com/pl/strona-glowna/


2. Promo Show Professional

Trade fairs that take place every year at the Nowotel Centrum Warszawa hotel. At the event, we will find the most valued brands of gadgets and promotional items. Promo Show Professional is an exclusive version of the trade fair, which was created on the initiative of leading suppliers of promotional gifts.

Link to the event: https://promoshowprofessional.pl/pl


3. PSI – European trade fair for promotional items

The PSI fair, which is organized in the city of Düsseldorf, is the leading European trade fair for the promotional items industry. About 1,000 exhibitors from over 35 countries can be found at theevent. Each representative of their company will present an overview of their services in the media and advertising industry and their new products.

Link to the event: https://www.psi-messe.com/en/



An international event that takes place in Lyon. Trade fairs that help gain valuable insight into how the advertising industry is currently looking.

The fair provides an opportunity to learn about the trends in the field of advertising products on the European market. Each exhibitor has the opportunity to present their offer personally to all visitors. In 2020, nearly 9,000 visitors and 250 exhibitors attended the fair.

Link to the event: https://www.salon-ctco.com/

Of course, the events mentioned by us are not the only such undertakings in our industry. Many other organizers propose their own events, attended by participants interested in the topic. However, you can meet us on those above. As soon as the fairs reappear, whether stationary or electronic, we cordially invite everyone to participate and get to know us personally in action.

In this post, we have attached a list of fairs from around the world and their dates so that everyone has the opportunity to be up to date: https://www.auma.de/en/exhibit/find-your-exhibitions/coronavirus-changes-in-dates-of-trade-fairs-abroad