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We are starting a new year!

Published: 04/01/2021

Summing up the last 12 months, I must say that despite many adversities that have been brought about by global events, this time was full of business challenges that resulted in development and prosperity. Like most companies, we worked in a remote or hybrid system. It was not always easy, but we achieved our goals together.

We are grateful and proud. Our offer has been extended with new products. In addition to material bags, sackbags and cotton toiletry bags, we have introduced cotton and linen masks for sale. Masks in various designs and sizes can be purchased at: yourmask.pl, which we have created especially for this occasion. Reusable material masks aroused great interest. The quality of the product resulted in satisfied customers who kept coming back for more items. The sales had an additional goal. For each mask purchased, one mask was sent to a hospital in need.

Linen appeared among our materials. We sew both masks and bags from linen, as well as pouches and cosmetic bags. We will tell you about the properties of linen and its possibilities in another post. The process of purchasing a linen bag is the same as that of purchasing a cotton bag. The client sends us his graphic design and we prepare the visualization.

Our team was joined by new people who delighted us with their creativity and diligence. There are more of us, which does not mean that we will stop there. We have acquired new graphic designers and introduced the possibility of creating graphics for clients or refining the existing ones.

torba z bawełny organicznej

What's new in 2021?

This is just the beginning, and we are already in full swing. Lots of ideas fill our heads. New products, new workplaces and, above all, our great eco cotton bags in new versions. We will set sail on new, previously unknown waters. Have you already seen our Christmas animation how about the video? We will personally tell you about each product. Have you seen us in the in the MKTP store? You can read our entry about this event here. Our bags go out into the world. Do you follow our profile on Instagram and Facebook? Have you seen our profile on Linked In? In 2021, you will see us in several new places.

Are you already looking forward to it? We too.