Published: 24/09/2021

Recently we donated cotton bags for the Holiday Institute of the Tech for Poland foundation. The event took place between July 5 and August 13. It was intended to prepare future teachers for their work in school and, above all, to give them a new outlook on education. Tech for Poland organized a summer school for children from several Warsaw schools during the Institute. The children learned about ecology and making a positive difference. We are very happy to support such a great project.

Reusing cotton bags is a very eco-friendly behavior, and in turn, helps change our world for the better. Canvas bags are perfect for shopping or walking. In addition to their nice, aesthetic appearance and convenience, their great advantage is the possibility of reuse. Every time we go shopping we use another plastic bag. Which causes more wear and tear on the plastic. Instead, we can use the same canvas bag and then when it gets dirty we wash it and it's like new!

Together with MART'S BAGS you can create such a bag or other ecological gadget which will serve as an advertisement for your company and at the same time contribute to environmental protection!