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What the rabbit hid in the bag?

Published: 19/03/2015

Everyone is giving out gifts for Christmas. Why not for Easter? Surprise your customers, give everybody a bag full of gifts in spring.

We are looking forward to the arrival of spring. After a few gray and sad months, it's finally a colorful time. In a moment flowers and trees will bloom, the landscape will turn green, nature will come to life. We also rejoice and inspire with ideas.

What can be hidden in our bags? Our bags are spacious, wearable and durable. You can put a lot in them: Easter cakes, eggs, an Easter basket, flowers, sweets. We give you the opportunity to produce your own printed bag. We will help in choosing materials and colors and we will advise on the arrangement of graphics. Cotton bags are produced locally, in Poland, so we have many personalization options to choose from: the length of the handles, 3 types of materials to choose from in many colors, printing on the entire surface of the bag. And all this takes 10 working days.

In spring we have a special offer - bags available immediately. Our top model TM02 with bottom and sides available from stock at an exceptional price.