Published: 08/10/2021

Furishiki is the most beautiful way of packing gifts. This method comes from Japan and represents the traditional art of wrapping and packing to be able to carry various items. The name of this method comes from the use of public baths where the wet clothes and towels were wrapped. The word “furo” means “bathhouse” and the word “shiki” means “to unfold”. Previously, the wrapping was known as “hirazutsumi”, which means “flat bedspread”. To this day, fabric wrapping is used by traders and services as a decoration and protective packaging.

The material tied in a knot looks effective and unpacking a gift wrapped this way is just a pleasure. First of all, nothing rustles or resists, which means that we do not have to tear bags or cut a tape. Secondly, a gift packed in such way does not leave unnecessary garbage. Furoshiki allows you to use scarves or shawls that will also be a part of the gift. It’s so simple!

Nowadays, there is more and more emphasis on wrapping gifts with the safety of the environment in mind. The ideology of Zero Waste and the so-called “nothing can be wasted” causes that we start to use the ancient methods to restore them to their splendor.

cotton pouch

There's no denying that Christmas is a magical time, filled with family gatherings, gifts and decorations. Many people wait until December (sometimes starting even earlier) to be able to decorate the tree and bake Christmas gingerbread. Unfortunately, after Christmas, tons of waste produced from Christmas gift wrappings end up in rubbish tips all over the world. Perhaps this could be prevented? Together we can do something about it - by changing our gift-wrapping habits.

So what can you wrap your presents i? Here are a few simple ways to wrap your gift in an eco-friendly style!

Use materials you already have at home. Recycled paper - old newspapers, books, grey paper or cardboard will be perfect. You can replace the traditional ribbon with a grey string or jute ribbon. A gift wrapped in such a characteristic way will surely make an impression and, what is most important, will reduce the amount of rubbish!

Wrap gifts in packaging that can be used for other purposes. For example, in a glass jar, which can be used later for culinary purposes, or in a cotton cloth, which can be used as a wiper. In this vein is the ancient method of Furoshiki, which is a technique of wrapping objects using cloth. Once unwrapped, Furoshiki can be used as a napkin. Another original and impressive idea is to sew reusable clothes for gifts that can last for years.

cotton bag

As we have already mentioned, using reusable or different packaging prevents the production of a huge amount of rubbish every year. Take a look at cotton, linen or recycled materials. We offer a wide range of cotton packaging that will meet your expectations and impress your loved ones!

Let's create a beautiful Christmas together in the spirit of No Waste. Once again, use newspapers, books or cardboard as packaging and decorate your presents with jute ribbon or grey string. Replace single-use plastic or paper bags with jars, cotton materials and textiles, which can then be used for other purposes. Buy bags made of eco paper, linen, cotton or recycled materials. By wrapping your presents in eco, Christmas will not only be friendly to people, but also to our planet! Remember that even the biggest changes start with small steps, which each of us can make at home.

furishiki method

To wrap your gifts using the Furoshiki method you will need:

1. A piece of fabric – it can be a scarf, a cloth or a shawl

2. Optional additional cardboard gift box

3. Optional rubber band, a string or a ribbon

4. Optional cones, mistletoe, orange slices, sticks, small paper balls or baubles for decoration

Mart's Bags can produce for you a special material gift wrapping with your design. Contact us or fill the form at our website.